About Us


And that is how it all started…
My cat adventure started on the day when a black and white female cat jumped onto the bed I was sleeping in. She was a lovely house cat, a friend and I was only two months old then. She was my company for her whole life, day and night and we fell asleep cuddling each other. But the day of saying goodbye came and when she had to go to another world she left me with a lot of pain and sorrow. My sweet friend Niunia will always stay in my memory.  
In 2005 I left my beautiful Podhale (the Tatras region) for Ireland. With my first money earned here I bought a Persian girl. She had a wonderful red coat, soft ears and huge round eyes. With time more cats, Bobi, Bela, Fife and Harnas joined us.   At the beginning of 2012 Darcy, Dakota and Burn from a Polish cattery Cynder*PL came to live with us. Half a year later we welcomed a new family member, a blue harlequin boy Heniu from a Polish cattery Lah-Di-Dah*PL. And that is how my cat adventure started, adventure I will cherish for as long as I live. And it is all because of my love for cats. 
Our Persian and Exotic Cats Cattery Harnascat is located in Listowel, C.O. Kerry. It is a home cattery without any outdoor facilities. Every kitten is our family member and  all our kittens live with us and they fall asleep in our bed. They are always very well looked after and loved. 
If you decide to buy a Persian or Exotic from our cattery, you can be sure that you get a well looked after, happy and, what is most important, healthy kitten. We are always present when our girls are having babies and when a doctor’s help is needed, they can also count on us. 
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